Thursday, November 22, 2012

Are Credit Cards Better Than Cash for Fast Food?

Just a few years ago, fast food chains were not too keen on accepting credit cards. Times have changed, however. Many quick-service restaurants have seen that the trend is inevitable, compelling them to let customers charge their purchases on their plastics. Still, in a world where cash is king, the question remains: should you use your card instead of cash for fast food purchases?

In the past, restaurants accepted only cash, mainly because credit cards required a lengthy processing time, contradicting the fast food concept. Soon enough, technology evolved and card transactions could already be done within a few seconds. According to industry experts, accepting cards instead of cash promotes consumer loyalty. One reason for this is that most people today carry their plastics whenever they intend to spend. Another is the reality that a great number of individuals from other countries use their cards since they do not have cash in local currency with them.

Fast food operators may have also decided to accept the cards because they increase sales. Based on statistics, customers pay more when they utilize credit instead of the good old cash. In addition, there is a prediction that this mode of payment can ultimately reduce the number of staff members needed to take customers' orders.

Three Reasons to Use Cards Instead of Cash

If you are planning to treat your friends or your family for a meal at any fast food chain, your credit card can be a better method of payment than cash. Here are three reasons why:

Safer. How many times have you heard about someone losing their cash? You may have already experienced the same in the past where you may have felt helpless. This does not happen when you lose your card. Whether it is stolen or you misplaced it somewhere, you only need to call your creditor and cancel the card. What's more, if you buy an item and lose it, your card company may even grant you a refund.

Credit History. This is one of the main reasons why people have a credit card. With your card, you can establish a good credit history. As a matter of fact, cards are considered to be the best and most effective way to build credit.

Easy Tracking. Eating in fastfoods can take a big chunk out of your budget. When you use cash, it can be hard to control your spending, especially when you are not able to keep track of it. With credit cards, though, you can keep track of the expenses incurred on fastfoods. This allows you to create a viable budget and stick with it.
Cash still reigns supreme even in today's time. However, no one can deny that credit cards offer numerous benefits. If you have a rewards card, you can even use your credits to pay for your meals and eventually gain rewards. This is something that you can never obtain when you choose cash.

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  1. For transitional processes i always prefer Plastic cards either credit or ATM card, as it saves me from lot of complications....